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Jayson E. Street - The Author

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Jayson E. Street, CISSP, C|EH, ECIH,
Chief INFOSEC Officer Stratagem 1 Solutions

I am well versed in the ten domains of Information Systems security defined by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium ([ISC]2). I specialize in intrusion detection response, penetration testing, and auditing. I also have a working knowledge of the implementation and administration of major firewalls, vulnerability scanners, and intrusion detection systems.

I have created and conducted security awareness training for a major Internet bank and have created security policies and procedures currently used by several companies. I also created and taught a three day training course on Intrusion Detection Systems for an undisclosed government agency in Washington D.C..

My consultation with the FBI on attempted network breaches resulted in the capture and successful prosecution of the criminals involved. In 2007 I consulted with the Secret Service on the WI-FI security posture at the White House.

At the request of the FBI, I was a guest speaker at the INFRAGARD 2004 wireless conference where I presented the current status of the hacking underground and addressed issues concerning wireless security.

  • In 2005 I discussed the challenges of getting upper management buy-in at the U. A. T. Tech Forum.
  • In 2006 I was one of the key note speakers of the IT Summit in Tulsa.
  • In 2007 I gave several presentations one being at Southern Nazarene University.
  • In 2008 At the request of the Secret Service I gave a presentation at a Cyber Crimes Alliance meeting. I also presented at The Information Warfare Summit hosted by ISSA. I was also was a key presenter at the Cyber-Crimes conference hosted by INFRAGARD / ISSA. I also presented at the Tulsa Tech Fest.
  • In 2009 I was the Keynote speaker for UCon in Recife Brazil. I also spoke at DEFCON 17, BRUCON in Brussels Belgium, Hacker Halted USA and ExcaliburCon in Wuxi China
  • In 2010 I spoke at PH-Neutral 0x7da, DEFCON 18, SOURCE Barcelona, Hacker Halted Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Cairo.

  • I  have also spoken from Belgium to Brazil and at several other colleges and organizations on a variety of Information Security subjects.

    I've  also attended XCon 2008 in Beijing, the 25th CCC in Berlin, SYSCAN '09 in Shanghai

    I have been interviewed by Forbes and Scientific American regarding my research on the issue of cyber-warfare as it relates to China and their preparedness for an online war. I was an expert witness in two cases involving the RIAA. My declaration was on Slashdot and other websites and is currently being taught as source material at a University in Massachusetts.

    I am also a current member on the board of directors for the Oklahoma "INFRAGARD". I am also the Vice President for ISSA OKC. I am a longtime member of the Netragard "SNOsoft" research team. I have not only adapted to new and emerging technology, but have learned quickly to integrate security technologies into an existing infrastructure.

    I hold the position of A.V.P. of Information Security at a national financial institution who wishes to be anonymous. Since they are separate of anything I do regarding this book or Stratagem 1 Solutions.

    On a humorous note I was chosen as one of Time's persons of the year for 2006. ;)


    CISSP # 22976 8/2000 Netigy CISSP Training Houston Texas Passed the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam on 03/17/01


    C|EH  7/2009 Black Hat Training Las Vegas Passed the Certified Ethical Hacker certification on 7/27/09

    GSEC # 3330 (Gold) 4/2003 SANS GIAC Security Essentials Certification training Baltimore Maryland Passed the GIAC Security Essentials Certification exam on 10/31/03

    GCIH # 4691 (Silver) 4/2007 SANS Incident Handler training Phoenix Arizona Passed the GIAC Incident Handler Certification exam on 06/23/07

    GCFA # 0532 (Silver) 02/2006 SANS Forensics training Orlando Florida Passed the GCFA Forensics Analyst Certification exam on 09/12/06

    The National Security Agency IEM 7/2005 Black Hat Training Las Vegas Passed the INFOSEC Evaluation Methodology certification on 7/26/04

    The National Security Agency IAM 7/2004 Black Hat Training Las Vegas Passed the INFOSEC Assessment Methodology certification on 7/27/04

    CCSE 1/2005 Check Point Certified Security Expert Vigilar New York, New York Passed the Checkpoint Certified Security Expert exam on 1/27/2006

    CCSA 05/2002 Check Point Certified Security Administrator Houston Texas Passed the Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator exam no training class on 05/03/02


    Hands on Penetration testing with BackTrack 3 - Offensive Security 08/08 Black Hat Training Las Vegas Successfully completed this course.

    Web Application (In)security - NGS Software 7/07 Black Hat Training Las Vegas Successfully completed this course.

    Ultimate Hacking - Black Hat Edition 7/06 Black Hat Training Las Vegas Successfully completed this course.

    Network Intelligence Boot Camp 2/06 NIC Boston Successfully completed this course.

    Extreme Hacking Class 9/2003 Ernst & Young New York, New York Successfully completed this course.

    CISCO 11/2001 Global Knowledge Dallas Texas Cisco Secure PIX firewall advanced Successfully completed this course.

    Media Sources

    I was invited by the EC-Council to do a webcast on the sometimes forgotten but still active threats on the Internet located here.


    Simon from the Netragard Snosoft team was nice enough to post an article for me (plus mad support of the book) post here

    I was interviewed by Fox Business News on the July 4th DDOS attack (video located here ).


    Also interviewed for Voice of America radio link located here


    Interviewed by USA Today and the Last watchdog website on the stalking horse aspect of the July 4th attack.

    LWD and USA Today


    PODCAST Interviews


    BruCON Podcast ep2: Jayson E Street about Cyberwarfare

    SecureLexicon Podcasts
    (Direct link to interview)


    SecuraBit Episode 36 The f0rb1dd3n Network

    SecuraBit Episode 25: Jayson E. Street Talks about his book f0rb1dd3n


    I was consulted in an article on the state of cyber-warfare for Scientific American.com found here.

    I was consulted in an article in Forbes concerning the Chinese use of the "Great Firewall of China."

    I was covered in another article talking about a presentation I gave on Cyber-Warfare.

    News covering my declaration in the Tallie Stubbs case.

    News covering my declaration on the DOES case:

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  • and for the Slovakian readers.

     I was featured on the front page of The Daily Oklahoman

    Me in the November issue of SC Magazine 2005.

    SC Mag 2005

    My Favorite Original Quote "If Hackers know what's happening on your network shouldn't you?" 3/04

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