The Story is F1ct10n The threats are real


"Dissecting the hack: the f0rb1dd3n network"

What some people are saying about the fictional part of the book.


"Welcome to hacker fiction - like SciFi, but you don't get to make the good stuff up." - Dan Kaminsky, Director of Penetration testing IOActive, Inc. IOActive

"There have been many sensationalist books on hackers, and this isn't one of them. Get a feeling for what it's really about and follow through with the technical details. Fun like Star Trek, but comes with the blueprints." - FX of Phenoelit Recurity Labs GmbH

"A great read, whether you're a geek or not. Hollywood should take notes...a gripping story centered around real tech." -Johnny Long, Professional hacker, best-selling author and founder of Hackers For Charity, Inc. HFC

"'Dissecting the Hack: the F0rb1dd3n Network' is an educational thriller, the reader is thoroughly entertained and yet walks away with an understanding of the importance of information security theory and practice." - Stephen Northcutt, President, The SANS Technology Institute SANS