The Story is F1ct10n The threats are real


"Dissecting the hack: the f0rb1dd3n network"

What some people are saying about the fictional part of the book.


"Welcome to hacker fiction - like SciFi, but you don't get to make the good stuff up." - Dan Kaminsky, Director of Penetration testing IOActive, Inc. IOActive

"There have been many sensationalist books on hackers, and this isn't one of them. Get a feeling for what it's really about and follow through with the technical details. Fun like Star Trek, but comes with the blueprints." - FX of Phenoelit Recurity Labs GmbH

"A great read, whether you're a geek or not. Hollywood should take notes...a gripping story centered around real tech." -Johnny Long, Professional hacker, best-selling author and founder of Hackers For Charity, Inc. HFC

"'Dissecting the Hack: the F0rb1dd3n Network' is an educational thriller, the reader is thoroughly entertained and yet walks away with an understanding of the importance of information security theory and practice." - Stephen Northcutt, President, The SANS Technology Institute SANS


For the rest of the story and to be part of the Dissecting the Hack community please go to and sign up at.http://www.dissectingthehack.com.


I have always believed in full disclosure and I'm not going to stop now.


It started with a post from  Wesley McGrew located here.


I would like to thank him for bringing this to my attention.

Issues do not get corrected without knowing there's an issue in the first place.







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