The Story is F1ct10n The threats are real


The list of contributors so far. With out these people this book would not have happened.

Kent Nabors
For putting my thoughts to paper and putting up with me during this whole process.
Also for going above and beyond more than a co-author should.

Marcus J. Carey & Brian Baskin
Co-Authors and Friends who are responsible for creating the STAR section from scratch.


Adam Laurie
For agreeing to write the forward. He also gave me a jolt in the right direction just when it was needed.

Dave Morris & Adriel T. Desautels
For the awesome support and help with getting the book out there to the public.

Jake Kouns
For motivating me to complete my book by putting my jaw on the line.

Anthony Gartner
For all the help with the "bumper"

Teri Hebert
For all the wonderful help with editing the Stratagem-One.com site.